Big Update

A huge Package from Kevin and Cybot78 help us a lot with our mod: All Bases, WC1 Kilrathi fighters and the Dorkir are now done. The Stations need textures and the Bloodfang. Pics added. After the Stations are done we can rush through the missions and still hope on a release on christmas. Otherwise we have plans for another present. But we done what we can. Now we need help with the textures.




We now have a Drayman (thx to CMDBob. He already send me his Ralari but I cannot work with it and its without turret. He send me another one. And working on a Dorkir. What I missed in my list is this station: So its added in the Status page. Hopefully we can make in the next time all of the stations done - four atm. Pics of the Drayman added.



Back again

After a short break because of Job and family my friends push me to continued on my Enigma 2666 Mod. In the last time before I delete all my posts of my mods, I do some work on some models I already have. But still we need some more:

Drayman, Sol Sector Base, Ralari, K'titrakh Mang, Bloodfang MK1, Supply Depot, Targu II, Kilrathi WC1 Fighters, Sivar, Dorkir and new turrets (from the prologue) on the Confederation, Waterloo, Gilgamesh, Jutland, Hhifra and 6 fighterbays (3 each side) on the Bengal. If somebody can transfer Standoff Models (we have permission) or can replace the old turrets pm me or FekLeyrTarg on CIC or Hard Light Forum.

Missions will be continued and if we can get all fighters and capships we hope on a release on chrismas 2011 (20 year birthday of Wing Commander 2)

I get some help to stealth the Strakha MK1 in the autopilot template so in the next weeks the missions with the Stealth fighter will be done.